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"I've had a myTop on my Jeep for 2 years now and love it. I am positive that I put the top down way more often than I would with a conventional soft-top. It has held up great through 2 Ohio winters and the Jeep heater keeps it plenty warm enough. Customer service is fantastic. Highly recommended!"

- Mark W

"I have had myTop on my Jeep for 4 years. The convenience of a push button convertible top that responds in a few seconds is truly an experience most Jeep owners never know."

- Veronica C

"Why wouldn’t you ?!? I have had mine for over a year now and have had zero problems with it. My wife can’t get the regular soft top up or down—now with a simple push on a button it makes it a full convertible."

- Soeren L

"Installed this several months ago... It’s convenience is worth every penny and it’s leak free. Love it!"

- Nate W

"This changes the entire dynamic of the Jeep, making it a true user friendly convertible even for a short trip. FANTASTIC product! This puts the OEM power top solution to shame."

- Joe Y


All Weather, All Season Top

myTop is an all-season, all-weather top. The triple layer outer fabric includes a waterproof membrane. In addition to that, there is an added foam headliner layer. This provides added noise dampening and thermal retention.

Between the triple layer fabric and foam insulation headliner, myTop makes your Jeep as quiet and warm as it is with a hardtop.

Installing Your myTop

myTop has an extensive network of dealer installers across the United States and around the world ready to install your myTop.

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Coming Spring/Summer 2021
Fits models JT 2019-2020


Coming Spring/Summer 2021
Fits models JT 2019-2020


Coming Winter/Spring 2021
Fits models 2018-2020


Coming Summer 2021
Fits models TJ 1996-2006


The myTop is the world’s one and only powered convertible Jeep® top. Available for the 2 door and 4 door Wrangler, myTop offers all season warm, all season quiet, and a variety of price points for your Jeep®. myTop presents the newest, coolest convertible top for any 2007-2019 Jeep Wrangler or Wrangler Unlimited, which can be installed in several hours, without drilling any holes in your Jeep body, roll-cage or windshield frame. The TJ and JK models are immediately available.

Specialty Haartz® StayFast colors are available, and guaranteed to keep their color with warranty coverage for 5 years. Custom colors are available at a surcharge as a true "tailor-made" top, but require more time for planing. Email or call +1 855-382-1744 for a quote.

myTop is made from the finest quality components, like 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, grade 8 bolts, fully insulated wires, and hardened CR steel gears. Its safety features include full motor and gear coverings, electric limit switches, brake pedal switch (meaning the top will not move open or closed without the key on, and the brake pedal depressed); safety stickers on the product, and safety warnings in all written materials, including the installation manual, care and maintenance guide, and operation guide. myTop is fully lined on the inside using industry leading technology. It has a more elegant fit, and better sound, heat, and cold insulation qualities than a standard soft or hard top.

Price does not include installation. myTop is easy to install and in addition to the detailed installation videos, we have a network of certified installers across the USA. We’ll have the top shipped to your preferred shop, just drop off your Jeep for a few hours and you’ll be enjoying true Jeep Freedom in no time!

*NOTE: All specifications listed above are representative of the 4-door JK Jeep Wrangler Model. For product information specific to a different model or style, please email or call +1 855-382-1744 .


185 pounds shipping weight

Each myTop consists of 3 boxes.
Box1 (right side linkages): 30 x 24 x 7 inches 54 lbs.
Box2 (left side linkages): 30 x 24 x 7 inches 54 lbs.
Box 3 (center canvas box): 63 x 23 x 8 inches 56 lbs.

Black, Fire Engine Red, Black-Silver, Navy, Titanium, Tan, Burgundy, Denim-Silver, Brown-Silver, and Heritage


Custom colors are available per quoted basis. Please allow for extra delivery time for your custom order. Email or call +1 888-556-9867 for a quote.

Frame construction: 5000 and 6000 grade aluminum, CR steel. Entire frame powder coated for corrosion protection.

Fasteners: Grade 8 bolts, screws and nuts. Case hardened T-nuts and washers

Motor: High torque 30 amp motors from BOSCH

Gearing: Flame hardened cold rolled steel and hardened CR steel

Bushings: Oil impregnated Bronze-self lubricating

Plastic components: Lexan-for clear pieces-molded plastic for motor covers

Fabric: Haartz Corp. Stayfast C ™ Sailcloth, Sonnenland