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  • Troubleshooting Guide for JK Installation

    The following article explains reoccuring installation issues with the JK model myTop, and how to address them.

    Issue: The door doesn’t close well or there is a dinging sound when accelerating from stop.

    Solution: If the door isn’t closing well or you are getting a ding when accelerating from a stop, the door pillars need to be properly adjusted.
    1. Loosen the door pillar
    2. Open window and close door
    3. Tighten Door pillar bolts

    Issue: There is a gap between the canvas and the door pillar.

    Solution: To close the gap between the canvas and the door pillar, raise the canvas cross bow above the door pillars where the canvas attaches to the right and left kinematic arms. This will add vertical tension.

    Issue: How do I mount the kinematic arms to the body bar?

    Solution: The kinematic arms are mounted to body bar with three bolts. Find the bolt on the bottom of the kinematic arms and remove it before attaching kinematic arm over body bar. Then re-attach the bolt. Be sure to mount kinematic arms evenly with Jeep tub to keep the system square.

    Issue: The back corners of the door are pinching the canvas top.

    Solution: Raise the canvas cross bow above the door where the canvas attaches to the kinematic arm. If the cross bow above the doors is not slotted or fully adjusted, raise the rear tube bow by first loosening the lock bolts then backing out the nuts to raise the bow. And stretch the canvas above the corner, Then re-tighten lock bolt.

    Issue: The canvas is sagging.

    Solution: If the canvas is sagging that usually means the rear bow tube had been pulled out of the thread insert. Open the top to 90 degree position for service. Insert tube over all threads and tighten locking bolts on the tube. For older models, use pliers to pinch the tube in place after inserting it.

    Issue: It’s difficult to latch the top.

    The canvas on a newly installed tops can and should be very taut. The canvas needs a couple of weeks to stretch out. During that time, the latches will become progressively easier to operate.

    It is recommended to pull the top down by the center handle when latching the driver and passenger side.

    If it is still not possible to latch the top when pulling down on the center handle, check that the front header bow of the canvas is reaching the inner seal of the top of the windshield when pulled down. If it is not, adjustment to the linkages may be needed. To adjust, loosen (DO NOT REMOVE) the three bolts on each linkage. Two of these bolts are located under the outside motor cover and the third is found inside on the underside of the linkage. If the alignment is correct, no forward or rearward adjustment is needed, and the latches are still too difficult to operate, then lower the latches by loosening the 2 mounting bolts on each. After adjusting the latches, be sure that latches do not come loose while vehicle is being operated. Re-adjust their position if they do come loose while driving.

  • Troubleshooting Guide for JL Installation

    The following article explains reoccuring installation issues with the JK model myTop, and how to address them.

    Issue: We didn’t receive the fabric pillar covers.

    Solution: The newer JL myTops use plastic door surrounds instead fabric door surrounds.

    Issue: I’d like to use the JL AUX switches instead of the myTop switches, is that possible?

    Solution: Yes, it is. myTop makes a JL AUX switch adapter hardness (Part #xxxxxx). Make sure to set the AUX control to MOMENTARY so the switch functions properly.

    Issue: I only received 2 pieces of Velcro. Where are the other 2 pieces?

    Solution: The new JL design (with plastic door surrounds) only use to 2 pieces of Velcro where the old design used 4.

    Issue: The rear door corners pinch the canvas top.

    Solution: To clear the corner and raise the rear bow tube, raise rear bow tube then tighten into place. This will stretch the canvas above the corner.

    Issue: There is a rattling noise.

    Solution: Close the top, unlatch the top, locate the vertical bolts above the driver and passenger sides over the roll bar. Tighten them down a few turns. Open and close the top 3 times. Then loosen the vertical bolts until they tough the linkage. Tighten lock nuts down, latch the top, and check for clearance. Repeat if necessary.

    If you know your issue, you can enter your ticket here. Be sure to include pictures of the area, close up and from ~5 feet away.