What You Need To Know About Installation.

How Do I Get myTop Installed?

myTop should be professionally installed. We know Jeep owners tend to be handy with a wrench and while it is possible to self-install, we only warranty professional installations as there is a risk of damaging the fabric and burning out the motors during the installation process. Typically, the install takes 7-8 hours and requires two people at times.

What Does Installation Cost?

Installation costs vary widely. Some shops charge hourly and some charge a flat rate. Contact one of our Dealer Installers below to get a quote for installation.

Who Can Install It?

myTop should be able to be installed by any reputable, professional customizer. If you have a shop you know and trust, we're happy to work with them. This is how we grow our installer network. We provide detailed .pdf instructions and installation reference videos, as well as phone and video support to any install shop installing a myTop.

US/Canada myTop Dealer Installers

We have built a network of dealer installers over the years, ready to sell and install your myTop. Search our Dealer Installer Locator below for the closest Dealer Installer to you. All our dealers listed have some level of experience installing myTops. Our Premium Dealer Installers are the most experienced, followed by our Experienced Dealer Installers and then our Authorized Dealer Installers. You can contact them directly and they can assist you with the whole process from purchase to installation.

Are you within driving distance of Atlanta? You can have your myTop installed by myTop technicians in our Atlanta Showroom.

Don't see a Dealer Installer convenient to you? We have other potential dealer installers across the US that just haven't gotten the experience needed to list them yet. Your installation could be one that takes them there. Request an installer near you.

International Dealers

Request A Recommended
Dealer Installer

If you can’t find a current Dealer Installer, we have a network of installers around the US we can recommend. These are installers we have vetted but who haven't had the opportunity to do enough installs to qualify as Dealer Installer... yet.

Please provide your complete address so we can find the nearest dealer
to you.

See What Installation Entails

myTop Certification Training

The installation plays a vital part in offering the customer the best possible myTop experience. We're looking for detail- and quality-oriented shops that are comfortable working with the mechanical as well as the electrical aspect of the myTops. They need to be licensed and insured businesses, that have a good reputation in their area and have been in business for several years.

To ensure that all our new dealers are up to the task of installing a myTop, we require in-person certification training for all new dealer installers

We offer regularly scheduled training in our Atlanta shop. These are two days sessions, one for the JK and one for the JL, and we run them every 6 weeks. Immediately upon completion of training, certified dealer installers are added to our Dealer Locator.

There is no charge for the training. We provide breakfast and lunch during the sessions.

2024 Dates

2195 Defoor Hills Road NW, Suite M, Atlanta, GA 30318

  • February

    2/1 - 2/2
  • April

    4/4 - 4/5
  • June

    6/6 - 6/7
  • August

    8/1 - 8/2
  • October

    10/10 - 10/11

Dealer Training

We know that most of the shops applying to become a myTop dealer already have extensive experience with complex mechanical installations. But installing a lift kit or swapping an engine are very different from installing a convertible top. We are not saying it's more difficult, it's just different! Please understand that we don't feel comfortable listing a shop on our dealer locator that has not been myTop certified or does not already have extensive myTop installation experience.

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