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There is an easier way! myTops are made from

high-quality materials and custom engineered to

finally let your enjoy your Jeep or Bronco life to the max.

Push button activation

Lay-flat design

Fully lined interior for better sound, heat and insulation

Built-In safety features

24-month warranty

What goes into a myTop?


Our convertible frame, aka the linkage, is made from high-grade steel. Each piece is laser cut to exact specifications.

The pieces are all salt spray sanded and triple coated for corrosion resistance and uniform appearance. The full linkage is tested as required by the OE auto industry.


We use German-made Bosch motors engineered specially for automotive convertibles for all our myTops.

Our motors have a life expectancy of approx. 10 thousand cycles.


Triple layers cubed means there are 3 triple layered fabrics between the inside of your Jeep and the elements.

An outer layer, with a weight range between 800-1200 g/m that is abrasion resistant and chemically coated to be water-repellant and UV resistant, as well as an inner layer throughout and headliner for a finished look.


myTop’s windows are made of vinyl specially made for convertible tops in a thickness of .75 and 1 mm.

The windows are tinted to 27%.


Find everything from use videos to customer testimonials. See what the myTop lifestyle is all about.


See myTop in action for some of the best performance photos. Check out your specific model for confidence in your purchase.


Does myTop take up any trunk room? Switching to a hardtop in the winter? Find these answers and more here.


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myTop Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews

Based on 68 reviews
  • Andrew B.

    "We Love our Mytop

    We love our new Mytop for our 2018 Wrangler JLU Rubicon. Coming from the OEM soft top, this is such a great improvement. While that top was easy to get up and down, you still had to remove the windows to do so which meant putting them back up every night since we weren't always parking in a garage. Now just unlatch the clips and hit the button. SO EASY. Not to mention this top is actually quieter when up to the OEM. These aren't cheap but well worth the investment and now we are putting the top down pretty much every day.

    Thanks for creating such a great product!"

  • Katie D.

    Best suprise ever!

    I had plans to purchase the myTop, for my 2017 Jeep Wrangler with my taxes, but my son surprised me with it for Christmas. To say the least, I was totally surprised. I got it installed about 3 weeks ago and I can tell you, I am LOVING it!!! A couple of fellas from my Jeep group, who install all my mods, installed it for me and did an AMAZING job! The myTop is worth EVERY penny!!! There are not enough words to describe how AWESOME it is!!! I have shared and recommended it to all of my Jeep groups I am part of and posted videos on their Facebook pages showing how it works! There are not enough words to say how much I LOVE my new myTop!!!

  • Jerome M.

    “Great service especially Jeanella Fraser, she helped me a lot, did a great job and 5 star quality service. She saved me from a dealer who wanted to sell me a part for my top 200% more expensive.”

  • Henry J.

    “Found myTop on a Facebook ad and glad I did! Have had myTop for a couple months now and its been great. Can't wait to keep making the most of summer!”

  • Tim S.

    “Outstanding quality and amazing service! I’ve had the myTop on my JKU since 2019 and it’s really been a game changer! Even though the delivery time was quite long, Chris was super helpful with answering any questions I had along the way.”

  • Mark W.

    “I've had a myTop on my Jeep for 2 years and love it. I am positive that I put the top down way more often than I would with a conventional soft-top. It has held up great through 2 Ohio winters and the Jeep heater keeps it plenty warm enough. Customer service is fantastic. Highly recommended!”

  • Caren C.

    "best purchase

    I love it - best thing I have ever bought for my jeep."