JK Wrangler 2 Door
2007 - 2018

JK Wrangler 2 Door 2007 - 2018

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Made from 2007 to 2018, the 2 door Wrangler JK brought a classic design into the 21st century. We have a squareback myTop available for that GI look with civilian convenience.

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What goes into a myTop?


Our convertible frame, aka the linkage, is made from high-grade steel. Each piece is laser cut to exact specifications.

The pieces are all salt spray sanded and triple coated for corrosion resistance and uniform appearance. The full linkage is tested as required by the OE auto industry.


We use German-made Bosch motors engineered specially for automotive convertibles for all our myTops.

Our motors have a life expectancy of approx. 10 thousand cycles.


Triple layers cubed means there are 3 triple layered fabrics between the inside of your Jeep and the elements.

An outer layer, with a weight range between 800-1200 g/m that is abrasion resistant and chemically coated to be water-repellant and UV resistant, as well as an inner layer throughout and headliner for a finished look.


myTop’s windows are made of vinyl specially made for convertible tops in a thickness of .75 and .5mm.

The windows are tinted to 30%.

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There is an easier way! myTops are made from

high-quality materials and custom engineered to last

as long as your Jeep or Bronco.

Push button activation

Lay-flat design

Fully lined interior for better sound, heat and insulation

Built-In safety features

24-month warranty

  • How Do I Operate A myTop?

    To open or close, first put car into Park.

    To open:
    Flip down the sun visors to access the latches
    Unlatch both latches
    Put Foot down on Brake pedal
    Press Open button

    To close:
    Put foot down on brake pedal.
    Press Close button
    Latch both latches
    Flip sun visor back up


    Watch this video to see how it's done.


  • What Is myTop Made Of? What Parts/Materials Are Used?

    Our Tops feature:

    -Specialty automotive fabric with A5 acoustic layer (like used in BMW, Porsche, and Ferrari)

    -Special OE head liner to optimize insulation from noise and temperature.

    -High grade aluminum fixtures

    -Bosch motors (same as in all OE tops of any luxury vehicle)

    -Double-thick HiDef plastic windows

    -Fine craftsmanship and experienced assembly

  • How Loud Is The Ride With myTop?

    Our tops have a triple layer outer fabric as well as an additional layer of insulation that dampen the noise more than the standard soft top.
    We've had customers perform decibel tests that showed their myTop was quieter than their premium hardtop.

  • How Far Down Does It Fold

    The folded top sits below the rear brake light.

  • Does The Top Block The Rear View Of The Driver?

    No more than a spare tire or rear-seat passengers.
    Rather than compromising cargo space behind the rear seat, the top stacks up on the sides of the Jeep tub. With some proper mirror adjustment, drivers should have no trouble with visibility, in fact, when compared to the Jeep hardtop, the MyTop offers better rear view visibility for most drivers.
    You can see for yourself

  • Are The Windows Removable?

    The rear window is removable. It's attached by a zipper so it can be partly opened or fully removed. The side windows are not removable.

  • Can I Use myTop With My Jeep Doors Off Or With Half Doors?

    Yes, myTops work with the full doors, half doors, and even with no doors on as the top sits on top of the frame, attaches in the back, and is latched down at the front. So doors on or off, it's no different for the myTop.

  • Can I Use myTop Is Snowy / Colder Environments?

    The original MyTop was created in Aspen, Colorado. Not a place known for having a mild climate! We have been driving Jeeps with the myTop on in Colorado for years and years, in all weather conditions and all year round.

    The top is designed to be an all-weather top. It is triple insulated and is quieter and better insulated than the stock hardtop. But just like the stock hardtop, the soft top is not load bearing. Jeep warrants zero weight on the hardtop. All tops are designed to shield you from the elements, including ours.

    The myTop can take rain and snow and, of course, it can take a pile of snow, too. Question is: what is a pile? And what kind of snow? The nice and fluffy type you can load on multiple feet and it is not a problem! The wet and icy type becomes really heavy, really fast. 5/10 inches may already be too much. Use common sense.

    The vinyl of the windows can get hard and stiff in the cold so we recommend warming up your Jeep before operating your myTop when the outside temperature is below 40° to prevent potential cracking.

  • How Much Room Does The Top Take Up In The Trunk?

    The top sits around the back trunk frame and takes up minimal trunk space.

    You can see for yourself

  • How Much Trunk Space Does The Motor Take Up?

    The motor take a minimal amount of space right inside the frame on the right and left of the myTop. If you weren't looking for them, you could miss they were even there.

    You can see for yourself

  • How Does It Attach To The Tailgate? How Is The Trunk Secured?

    The myTop attaches to a bar across the tailgate like the OE tops do so your trunk remains secure with myTop.

  • What Colors Does myTop Come In?

    -Fire Engine Red





  • Can I Get myTop Is A Custom Color?

    If you can't find the right color among our stock options, we can do custom colors starting at an additional $995. Speak to a sales representative so we can look into sourcing and pricing.

  • Does myTop Have Any Safety Features?

    MyTop meets all standard safety regulations: motors, main drive gears, and linkages are covered with a safety shroud – the kiddos in the rear seat will not get their fingers pinched.
    Electric fuses, soft coverings, and other protective implements ensure safe operation of the top as well.
    The top will not operate, up or down, without the driver pressing the brake pedal.

  • Does myTop Have A Middle (Sunroof/Sunrider) Position Between Fully Open And Fully Closed?

    You should only operate your Jeep with the myTop fully open or fully closed. There is no middle “sunrider” position as the convertible top goes up and over the Jeep like you'd expect a traditional convertible to do. When you can close it or open as quick as you can with myTop and without leaving your seat, there isn't really a need for a middle position. myTop can be used in conjunction with a sun shade.

  • Can I Use myTop With A Roof Rack?

    myTops can be customized to allow for a roof rack and we will be rolling out a myTop roof rack in the near future.

  • Can myTop Be Wired To An Available Aux Switch On My Jeep?

    While we used to say you could wire your myTop control to an available AUX switch, we no longer do. Due to how the AUX switches receive power and when, it causes issues with the normal operations of the myTop. Therefore, our wiring harnesses are no longer made to wire to the AUX switch and should not be altered to do so.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shari B
Love it

Love my new top, the convenience to take down and put back on is amazing. I used it daily. So glad I bought it. Highly recommend

Tim Schein
5 Stars

Outstanding quality and amazing service! I’ve had the myTop on my JKU for a year now and it’s really been a game changer! Even though the delivery time was quite long, Chris was super helpful with answering any questions I had along the way.

Sofi Charles
Beat the heat

I LOVE my myTop- I put the top down so often now in this heat. Makes it so much easier!


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