Troubleshooting Guide - ITEM MISSING/WRONG/BROKEN

Our apologies if you've been redirected here after sending an email or calling us but the quickest way to get you the support you need with the assurance that your issue will be tracked through to your satisfaction is to get your issue directly into our ticketing system with all the information we need. Use this guide to identify your specific issue and we'll tell you exactly what we need to know for entering your ticket.

Did a myTop arrive with a part missing, the wrong part, or a broken part? or Did a part break you need to replace it?

Please use the guide below to confirm what part you need and enter your ticket if needed.

What kind of part issue are you experiencing?

Was it a bolt? - Which of these three bolts was it?

Please enter ticket/request specific bolt below.
It is a latch? Please enter your ticket with the part needed.

It is a button? Please enter your ticket with the part needed.

It is a part above the rear tire? Please provide these two pictures with your ticket so we see the extent of the issue.
Pictures of broken piece, close up and 2-4 ft away for placement reference