About Our Tops

myTops are made from high quality materials and custom engineered to last as long as your Jeep.

Globally Sourced. Headquartered in the USA.

Despite our size and family environment, we have an exceptional international team of experienced industry professionals. The development and creative process is guided from our HQ in Atlanta. The kinematic development is done by an engineering team in Germany, who combine for more than 100 years of convertible development experience. The fabric pattern development is done in our manufacturing site in Aguascaliente in Mexico as well as in Atlanta. However, canvas production entirely out of Mexico. Final assembly is completed in Mexico or Atlanta, depending on the model. And finally, our Global warehouse and shipping are out of our facility in Atlanta.

What Goes Into a myTop?

Convertible Frame

Our convertible frame, aka the linkage, is made from high-grade steel. Each piece is laser cut to exact specifications. The pieces are all salt spray sanded and triple coated for corrosion resistance and uniform appearance. The full linkage is tested as required by EOE auto industry.


We use German-made Bosch motors engineered specially for automotive convertibles for all our myTops. Our motors are certified for 10 thousand cycles.


Triple layers cubed means there are 3 triple layered fabrics between the inside of your Jeep and the elements. An outer layer, with a weight range between 800-1200 g/m that is abrasion resistant and chemically coated to be water-repellant and UV resistant, as well as an inner layer throughout and headliner for a finished look.


myTop’s windows are made of vinyl specially made for convertible tops in a thickness of .75 and .5mm. The windows are tinted to 30%.


Made of Aircraft grade aluminum, our lightweight but strong latches are specially designed to allow for easy and secure latching.

Wiring Harness

myTop’s custom-designed harness connects your vehicle’s electrical system to the top and has been designed to prove for easy, plug-and-play installation.

How myTops Are Developed

1. Creation 3D Model of vehicle

Create 3D Cat Scan of vehicle (sometimes we do get CAD data from OEM manufacturer).

2. Develop Kinematic CAD model of myTop on vehicle

In this stage principle design questions are identified and addressed, leading to material requirements, tooling requirements, as well as calculation models to determine stress forces and leading to fabric pattern development.

3. Prototyping

Build prototype, test on vehicle for movement, strength, opening, closing fabric lay, fabric pattern developed. Once viable match between linkage and fabric development will conduct operations tests that include thousands of open and closing cycles to look for wear and tear as well as weatherability (water, noise, temp) insulation, make sure it looks and feels right.

4. Manufacture

Creation of pre-production tops, install to check ease of installation and maintenance and service aspects, Create packaging/shipping strategy, create install guidelines/manuals, update user guidelines.