Our Company

Born in the High Rockies of Colorado

MyTop was invented simply to help people enjoy their Jeep to the fullest extent, and to provide a solution to one of the most-frequently customer comment/request from Jeep owners: the tops.


We have partnered with the very best in the automobile industry. Valmet Automotive, a leading OE supplier for convertible roof top solutions (currently they are producing tops for the Mini, BMW 6 series, Porsche Targa amongst others), is engaged in the development as well as the continuous improvement of our production process. They are involved in the kinematic design and CAD process, as well as sewing the canvas for us.


We currently have around 65 installers across the continental United States, and are constantly looking to expand our network. A specific training and regular quality checks on the installer's service ensure high quality standards.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our network as a dealer or installer please contact us.

Dealer Program

We initiated a continental United States and international dealer program. Please contact us to see how to qualify for the program benefits. We look forward to working with you!!