myTop FAQ’s

Installation Questions

Can I install it myself?


With some basic mechanical and wiring skills, any DIY-er should be able to install a myTop easily on their own. We offer excellent support, video tutorials, and full color installation manuals. Note that the myTop warranty does not cover product failure stemming from unqualified installation.

Where can I get a myTop installed?

Installs can be performed by you or any garage near you. We have a rapidly growing network of qualified installers throughout the US and other countries.

If we don’t already have an installer near you, we can usually find a convenient one within 2-3 days after your purchase.  A myTop customer service representative is assigned to every sale and will be in touch with you to make the delivery and install as easy as possible for you.

How long does it take to install?

4-8 hours depending on experience.

myTop offers free, high quality, step by step video tutorials and a richly detailed, full color installation manual with every top. We aim to make installation a fun and easy experience for every myTop customer!

First time installers can expect an 8 hour install depending on their exposure to similar installation. Plan to have a second set of hands for a few minutes to lift the primary body onto the Jeep tub.

For an experienced technician, expect 2.5 hours install, 1.5 hour adjustment, and a possible 30 minute fine-tuning.

Where can I get installation help?

Call, click, or watch!

Watch this step-by-step video installation guide:

Consult your installation manual included with your top, or check it out online

Does installation require any special tools?

Nope. Installation requires simple hand tools:

  • wrench (Allen & Hex)
  • screw driver
  • one tap
  • knife
  • electric drill and one step drill bit
Will the install void my warranty?


MyTop was designed to attach to pre-existing holes in the Jeep tub, roll cage and windshield frame. Your Jeep warranty will never be compromised by a myTop or its installation process.

Is it a permanent install?

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Product and Component Questions

Does the top block the rear view of the driver?

No more than a spare tire or rear-seat passengers.

Rather than compromising cargo space behind the rear seat, the top stacks up on the sides of the Jeep tub. With some proper mirror adjustment, drivers should have no trouble with visibility, in fact, when compared to the Jeep hardtop, the myTop offers better rear view visibility for most drivers.

How far down does it fold? and; does the top "poof up" when its fully folded down, and your driving down the highway... and , if so, what can you do about it?

2 door

2 door level with seat- just push headliner down, rear view  2 door top folds even with rear seat  2 door folds below rear seat- side view

4 door answer: Bungies

4 door

4-Door arms track the roll cage  4 door with bungies  4 door bungied 3 in. below brake light

Does myTop have any safety features?


  • MyTop meets all standard safety regulations: motors, main drive gears, and linkages are covered with a safety shroud – the kiddos in the rear seat wont get their fingers pinched
  • Electric fuses, soft coverings, and other protective implements ensure safe operation of the top as well
  • The top will not operate, up or down, without the driver pressing the brake pedal.
What's it made of?

Blood, sweat, tears, fairy dust, and magic…

Not really, but myTop takes pride in using only the finest materials, and is made entirely in the USA. We feature:

  • Haartz StayFast – the same top material used by Porsche & Ferarri
  • Military grade aluminum fixtures
  • The same motors you find in an F-18 canopy
  • Double-thick HiDef plastic windows
  • Fine craftsmanship and experienced assembly

Use, Care, and Maintenance

Is it safe to use the myTop around children?

Yes. We all have children, and we sought to protect little fingers and arms as much as possible when creating myTop.

Moving parts are tucked away as far as possible, and moving elements feature protective shrouds and coverings. All sharp spots and pinchy parts are tucked away and safely covered for your rear-seat riders.

In an abundance of caution, we still recommend letting your riders know before operating the top.

Cleaning the windows

myTop windows are twice as thick as factory windows, but, as with any top the plastic windows can be scratched. Before operating the top, be sure any dirt and grime is brushed away.

We do not recommend using gas station squeegees, as they often have dirty water and grime that may scratch your windows.

Scratches and discoloration CAN be removed with Novus plastic window cleaning products, which you can find on Amazon.

Can I drive my Jeep with a myTop through an automatic carwash?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. Automatic carwashes use harsh detergents which can damage the water repellency and colorfastness of the fabric, and mar the plastic windows. Be careful with high-pressure water jets which may shoot soapy water at unnatural angles and force its way in between fabric components. We recommend using a lot of water to loosen the dirt and grime then gently washing the dirt off with a clean towel if needed. Rise the towel thoroughly while using it to prevent scratches.

Is $3,450 too much to spend on a top?

Not for a myTop.

  1. MyTop is American made and uses only the finest materials and craftsmanship
  2. MyTop uses the same fabric as Porsche & Ferarri
  3. MyTop has a 3 year warranty (few other tops offer the same)
  4. The only other convertible top ever made, the Rugged Ridge, is no longer in production, and was sold for about $12,000!
  5. The average convertible top for other cars is $6,000. myTops are nearly half that

The myTop is the last top you will every need to buy!

It replaces both your soft and hard tops because is it warmer than competitors’ soft tops, quieter than a hard top, and warm year-round.

Sell your hard top and soft top, you won’t be disappointed. A good hardtop may bring you $2,500.00 on resale on Craig’s List, eBay, etc. Resale of a soft top can bring in $750-900.

Do I have to undo the latches before opening?

Yes! Anytime you open the top be SURE that both latches are completely open. Failure to do so may result in serious damage to the gearing mechanisms.

Also be sure to stop your vehicle in a level position, failure to do so could compromise the actuating arms of the top!

myTop Questions

Is myTop the only powered convertible top?

MyTop is the only patented, and fully produced powered convertible top! Rugged Ridge/Omix-Ada introduced a partially-electric, and partially hydraulic jeep top that is no longer in production. The myTop is superior, for the following reasons:

Price. If you can find one, a Rugged Ridge top is $11,500. myTop is $3,495

myTop Fits. myTop offers the only 2 door Jeep top on the planet, fits all JK models 2007-2017, and fits the TJ, too!

Installation.  myTop arrives pre-build, has minimal installation time and cost. A Rugged Ridge has no pre-assembly, and is build permanently onto your Jeep. Rugged Ridge must be installed by a dealer.

No other parts to buy with a myTop.  Rugged Ridge requires separate purchase of a header assembly ($663.40), tailgate bar ($151.94), and bar retainers, an extra $841 on top of the sale price.

Time required for installation. A myTop can be installed in 5-8 hours. A Rugged Ridge top must be “built onto the Jeep” piece by piece, and can require 2 men, 2 full days.

Installation is easy on myTop. Rugged Ridge requires drilling holes in the Jeep tub itself, battery tray, header, door frames, wheel well, and the use of a hacksaw and duct tape. Yes, really: duct tape.

myTop is powered only by electric motors. Rugged Ridge requires both electric motors and hydraulic pump and multiple cylinders, complicating use and installation, and dramatically increasing the installation time.

myTop does not compromise the limited cargo space.  myTop tops do not load into, stack into, or use the Jeep cargo space at all: myTops “stack on the sides and back of the Jeep tub”, specifically so that it does not use any of the limited cargo space. A Rugged Ridge top, on the other hand, requires the hydraulic cylinders and the hydraulic pump to be mounted into the cargo space… and, we have been told by Rugged Ridge installers and customers, that the hydraulic cylinders and pump have a nasty habit of leaking oil into the cargo space.

myTop is quieter, better insulated against cold and heat. Rugged Ridge presents its top with a simple top fabric. myTop, on the other hand, uses the most sophisticated outer fabric, and is fully lined with a full-top “headliner”. It’s not just any headliner. It is the same fabric used by Porsche. It is a net-mesh, with an open celled liner, which provides unsurpassed insulation. And, use of this independent layer creates a “dead air space” between it and the outer fabric, like what goose down provides in a parka. The combination of the 3 basic “layers” provides something no other top on the market can provide: the most insulated soft-top in the world. And, it is quieter than a hardtop, too. Try holding a normal conversation on a cell phone (hands, free, of course) in a myTop vs. any other. You’ll experience what we’re talkin’ about.

If I buy a myTop, do I need my soft top or hard top anymore?

Nope. myTop tops are “replacement systems” meaning, that with a myTop, you no longer need a soft top or hard top. MyTop is all-seaon warm, all-season quiet for any climate. This means you no longer need to worry about where, and how to, store your tops.

How do I get rid of my old tops?

Sell them–they are valuable and you’ll never need them again. MyTops are much warmer than your soft top thanks to industry-leading, insulated fabrics. MyTops are quieter and as durable as your hard top – stay warm, friends.

Used hard tops can sell for $1,500-1,800, and soft tops for $700-900 on ebay.

Will myTop buy my old tops?

Sorry, no.

International: Can I buy a myTop outside the US?

Yes. In fact, we have already supplied myTops around the world, and we have many partners who can install, adjust, maintain and service myTop.

Since every country has unique import customs, we do ask that international buyers acquire an import license, which makes it easier to fulfill all customs and tax requirements.

If you do not have an import license:

  1. Talk to a local business that imports and products internationally, they should be able to help you out.
  2. Most all countries have “Freight Forwarder Companies” which have an import license, and will agree receive your shipment.
  3. You or an associate may have a “Customs Broker” or “Broker” which maintains offices in the United States, and your country.  They are experts in handling customs clearance, so we would ship the product to the U.S. based broker, who is usually in Miami, Florida, or Los Angeles, California.
  4. Use a “Freight Expeditor”- expeditors do everything that a freight forwarder company does, but faster! They may provide the fastest method of getting a product shipped and cleared through customs, but chances are they will charge more. It’s like the difference between sending a letter by regular mail, or sending it overnight.
  5. In some countries an individual may actually be able to find a government office which can provide the best alternatives for you.  The whole process may sound like a pain, but it is easier and faster than it sounds.
Was there a specific need that prompted the creation?

Yes. We live at 8,000 feet above sea level in the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Our weather changes constantly. Even in winter we get periods of beautiful sunshine before or after a snowstorm. Our inventor owned an automotive repair and customization shop at high altitude, and was confronted one day with a gal who was caught in a sudden Colorado downpour with no top on her Jeep. The problem was, she was on her way to work, dressed to the 9’s, with hose, pumps, skirt, hair and makeup. Well, the rain made her mascara run, and she looked like a drenched Alice Cooper! She pulled into his shop for refuge. She said (as we would all say), “I hate my Jeep top!” She said that she loves her Jeep, but hates her jeep top issues. Well, with that most common of complaints, followed then with years of perspiration, imagination, and dedication, myTop was born.

If Jeeps have been sold since the end of World War II, why didn’t someone invent such a top long before now?

Good question. The answer lies in the fundamental differences between a Jeep (or other open-air vehicle) and, the usual sports car. Think of a sports car: it is low to the ground, and has a small passenger area (most have only two seats). Now think of the convertible soft tops on such vehicles… the top need only “pop up” 15-18 inches, then “go forward” some 30 inches. Now think of a Jeep, all factory Jeeps from the late 1980’s onward, have a factory-installed roll cage. So a top must “spring straight up” more than 30 inches (to clear the roll cage) before it goes forward a single inch. And, on a 4-door JK the myTop covers the entire passenger and cargo compartment, for a total of more than 7 feet long.

Why did your inventor create a convertible soft top for JK and TJ Jeeps?

MyTop was invented by our founding owner simply to help people enjoy their Jeep to the fullest extent, and to provide a solution to one of the most-frequently customer complaints from Jeep owners: the tops. (hard or soft, time-consuming hassle to take off, then hassle to put on, then store, then repeat). But myTop is more than convenience, and more than a “creature comfort”. It maximizes enjoyment and use.  Face it, 1. We all love to get “full freedom” in every product. If a vehicle can be driven without the constraint of a top, then why not?  2. We all like flexible and versatile products that help us secure maximum enjoyment from our commodities, why not our vehicle, too? 3. If we can unwind, or enjoy the moment more because we can get the “wind in your hair”, then, have the option to go for it.   We all like to make our lives easier, more convenient, and, the less stress, well, the better!

Legal And Other

Are myTop products patented?

Yes. Ingenious Designs, LLC. is the exclusive inventor and owner of myTop products; it has exercised such ownership rights to file for, and secure, patent protection on both the 2 door top, and separately for the 4 door top. The patents are issued by The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); and the patents are registered and protected in 156 foreign countries under the auspices of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Because Ingenious Designs, LLC. is the sole owners of such patents, no other entity can claim honestly any form of inventorship or ownership of such patents or trademarks, or derivative intellectual property. Violators will be prosecuted.

Is the word “myTop” a corporate name, or a product name?

Both.  The name, “myTop”, is the trade name of Ingenious Designs, LLC. It is nationally and internationally registered and protected, and an asset owned exclusively by Ingenious Designs, LLC. It cannot be used by any others, in anyway, without express written consent of Ingenious Designs, LLC. And, the name “myTop” is a product name, for convertible tops, which is also registered and protected nationally and internationally.

Does myTop have an official website?

Yes. It is Visit it for new information. And if you have some cool pictures or stories you want to share with others, please let us know.

What is the relationship among Ingenious Designs, LLC., Signature Automotive Products, LLC., and Classic Soft Trim, Inc. and Roadwire, LLC?

Ingenious is the exclusive owner of the patents, trademarks, and derivative intellectual property. Ingenious Designs, LLC has licensed to Signature the right to manufacture myTop products. Roadwire, LLC. and Classic Soft Trim, Inc. do not own any portion of either myTop or Ingenious Designs, LLC. They are only limited distributors, and, in the case of Classic Soft Trim, Inc., authorized installers of myTop.

Effective 4.1.2017 - convenienve fee

Effective 4.1.2017 our manufacturer, Signature,  is charging a 3% “convenienve fee” on all credit card payments, or PayPal payments! So sorry for this inconvenience! But, if you pay by either a wire transfer to Signature’s bank, or use a ACH there is no “convenience fee”.. To do this, you can contact Debbie Whitefield at Signature,, or, 248.624.6011 -press ‘0″ and the call will be forwarded to her. Again, sorry for the inconvenience!”