About myTop®

powered convertible Jeep® Top

myTop is world’s first fully electric retractable power top for new or used Jeep JK Wrangler, or Wrangler Unlimited. (2007-2016) myTop converts your Jeep into an open-air ride in less than 10 seconds. It’s the most elegant soft top, and insanely cool convertible top for a Jeep on the market.

Jeep® Made the promise. myTop® delivers.

Problem solved!  myTop does the job of both traditional tops-but it does it so much better.   As quiet as the hardtop going down the road -at any speed -with no creaks or rattles, and as myTop is insulated it does not get hot in the summer time-no need to wear a hat to protect the top of your head!

Release the clamps and press a button, and myTop turns your Jeep into the trouble free, wide open, fun seeking, do anything vehicle that once only existed in your mind’s eye.  It does this in 8 seconds.    Rain?  Snow?  A little chilly?  No problem.   Push the button.  In that same 8 second you now have a warm, weather proof and quiet environment never before experienced on Jeep.

Can you hear me now??   Yes.   You can actually be heard on the other end of that cell phone call without shouting or having to pull over just to hear, and be heard.   One can easily take advantage of Jeep’s optional blue tooth radio-and those on the other end of the line will never know you are in a convertible.

Made from the finest materials available, myTop is handcrafted to deliver years and years of trouble free, safe and superior performance never seen before.  myTop delivers on the promise of wind in your hair when you want it, warmth, comfort and unparalleled convenience when you need it.

myTop’s construction starts with the frame.  Aircraft grade aluminum- laser cut and welded to exacting standards that may very well outlast the Jeep it is installed on.  Grade 8 screws, bolts and case hardened nuts ensure truly long term performance.  Every component has been carefully selected and tested  to be the very best.  The motors powering the top extremely durable 30 Amp motors with a gear reduction.   Only the finest components have been used.

The fabric covering myTop is a product called Stayfast.  Simply the industries finest available and also used by Ferrari, Audi, BMW and Porsche.   3 plies of cotton sail cloth and rubber provide a decade or more of unfaltering good looks,  weather proofing and quiet.    A headliner finishes the clean look of the interior and provides further insulation of from cold, heat and road noise.   Your Jeep just became a much more comfortable place to be.   Our clamps:  are indeed the finishing touch.  Long is the list of complaints of the thin metal buckles used to hold down the traditional top.  Our clamps have been design to suite the needs of everyone.   Large handles that are easy to use by everyone, from the smallest of hands to even those with some disabilities-clamping myTop into place takes but a few seconds.  We’ve thought of everything!

Expectations.   Jeep owners have a certain set of expectations of their Jeep that have not been previously fully met.   It’s not about showing off (although all your friends will dig it), it’s not about changing Jeep or being lazy.

What myTop is about is this:  Getting what you wanted in the first place!